Who We Are

At Northwest Polymers, we provide the complete ‘green’ solution to the plastic waste disposal needs of the industrial and commercial sectors.

We are committed to responsible waste disposal by recycling unwanted plastics into premium-grade resins for use in the production of second-generation plastic products.

Based in Oregon, our extensive logistical network allows us to pick-up and deliver to clients throughout the western US and Canada, ensuring them efficiency, reliability and environmental integrity every step of the way.

What we Do

Northwest Polymers provides a waste plastic disposal solution that is not only environmentally responsible, but is reliable, cost-effective and convenient for both ends of the recycling spectrum.

➢We buy plastic scrap materials

➢We sell recycled plastic resins

➢We offer full Logistics Management expertise

➢We recycle to your unique specifications

Northwest Polymers - Meeting Your Plastic Recycling Needs

O nce viewed as a costly obligation, recycling today is a service that can benefit everyone. Established in 2003, Northwest Polymers has become the name that industrial and commercial operators can trust to provide a complete plastic recycling service.

At Northwest Polymers, we understand how important responsible waste management is. That’s why we not only offer waste plastic disposal and reprocessing solutions, but also supply recycled plastic resins to clients, providing them with a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly material source.

Based in Oregon, but with an operating network that stretches across North America, we reclaim and recycle plastic items from clients in both the industrial and commercial sectors, and reprocess them into high grade plastic resins to be used in the manufacture of second generation plastic products. And because less waste plastic ends up in our landfills, manufacturers can lower costs and their carbon impact, while improving revenue and in their 'Green' image.

Our recycling facility has been designed to meet the industry’s most stringent standards, while also ensuring it operates at the most efficient level possible. The way all of our clients can be confident their own environmental promises are being met.