Northwest Polymers - Your Plastic Recycling Solution

R ecycling is more than just a process; it is a service. For almost a decade, Northwest Polymers has been providing plastic recycling services all over the US and Canada - not just reprocessing solutions that improve the environment, but waste plastic disposal and recycled plastic supply solutions to our clients.

Based in Oregon, but with a network capable of servicing clients all over western North America, we specialize in reclaiming and recycling plastic products from a variety of clients in the industrial and commercial sectors, turning their unwanted plastic materials into premium grade plastic resins to be used to create second generation plastic products.

Because we recycle plastic from such an array of sources, we have a unique perspective on the specific recycling services that both ends of the industry need. In fact, because of our ability to meet our clients' needs, Northwest Polymers has developed a reputation as a leader in the recycling industry.

Since 2003, we have striven to perfect a service that sees clients at both ends of our processing services benefit, both in terms of their revenue and in their 'Green' image.