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Northwest Polymers is an industry leader in post-industrial plastic recycling. This leadership position has been established with a broad asset and experience base in plastic recovery capabilities combined with an extensive knowledge of the secondary plastics marketplace. This combination of assets, experience, and knowledge allows us to offer unique and comprehensive solutions for the designing, building, and managing of systems that transform industrial plastic waste into a sustainable, reusable, raw material.

Northwest Polymers first established a position focused on the recycling of Vinyl and PVC. Over several years, Northwest Polymers has invested in developing a strong experience base and substantial “World-Class” processing capabilities for Vinyl/PVC – and has grown into the largest recycler of Vinyl and PVC in the Western United States.

Additionally in the past few years, Northwest Polymers has expanded its capabilities to include specialized processing and solution based marketing of materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, and Styrene.

Northwest Polymers is an employer of over 50 valued employees - and is located in Molalla, Oregon – about 30 minutes south of the Portland, Oregon Metro area. As part of the local community, Northwest Polymers is a supporter of several local charities.

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