Materials We Sell

Materials We Sell

High Quality Plastic Resins to You

R ecycling plastic is not just about gathering waste scraps and disposing of them responsibly - what is done with that plastic is just as important. By supplying a range of recycled plastic resins and specialty polymers, we ensure that recycling efforts are maximized, lowering the costs for manufacturers of plastic products and enhancing the 'green' end of the plastics industry.

Northwest Polymers has always recognized that both ends of the industry - those who sell plastic scrap and those who buy recycled plastic resins - need to be served with equal attention to quality and consistency. That is why we do more than simply reprocess and recycle the waste plastic we buy. We provide options to our customers, with a choice of pulverized, pellet, regrind and repro recycled plastic available.

We know that manufacturers who buy recycled plastic deserve that highest standards in quality in the resins that they purchase. That is why our state-of-the-art processing facility in Oregon is fully-equipped to produce the recycled product that they need to the highest industry-set standards. All of our plastic resins and specialty polymers are subjected to a variety of recognized testing, ensuring that the purity and quality of both are fully certified and undeniable.

In less than a decade, we have built an extensive and efficient recycling network across the western US and Canada. This ensures we have the ability not just to purchase plastic resins and specialty polymers from a variety of commercial and industrial sectors, but also to sell to an equally varied list of manufacturers.

And, through our second-to-none complete logistical services, we can deliver to our purchasing clients what they need, when they need it, on time every time.

Plastic Resins Prices

We strive to offer our resins and specialty polymers at the most competitive prices possible. However, these prices are heavily influenced by the global markets and are, therefore, subject to fluctuation.

Our price promise to you is that we adjust our rates in strict accordance with best business ethics. That way, you can be certain you'll only ever get the lowest resins prices at any given time.

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